Presenting oral reports

Friday, August 15, 2008

Oral Report- is a presentation of factual information to an audience. Besides collecting and organizing the facts you will present, you must choose a method of delivery for your report. Here are four methods:

  1. The Manuscript Method. You read a written report to your audience word for word, glancing up from time to time to make eye contact. In this method, you will not miss anything. However, the audience might be bored if the oral report is done using this method because of the monotony of the whole process.

  2. The Memorization Method. You learn by heart and recite a report you have written. This method, tends to make you too structured, too formal. You will not be able to give additional explanation because you have to present your report verbatim or word for word. Buf if you have a sharp memory, it is very likely that you can deliver the report well.

  3. The Extemporaneous Method. You can write the report in rough form. You speak spontaneously using an outline or note cards as guide. You can explain further as you report. But sometimes you tend to speak lengthily without considering the time element.

  4. The Impromptu Method. You talk on the spot with no prepared draft, outline or note cards. This method is applied only to brief reports that require little or no research or presentation. The downside is that you tend to be disorganized in this method. However, if you are familiar with the topic, you can, most likely, discuss it comprehensively.

No matter what method of delivery you use for your oral presentation, your manner and appearance communicate as much as your words. To maximize the impact of your message, keep the following points in mind:

  • Maintain a relax posture.

  • Speak directly to your audience and enunciate clearly.

  • Make an effort to be articulate.

  • Use gesticulation if necessary.

  • Use facial expressions for emphasis.

  • Make readable visual aids (charts, diagrams, drawings) that clarify what you are saying.


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